This is the page to find some great tips and tricks for encouraging reading at home.  If there's something you'd like to see on the page, anything you need help with, or any ideas you have, just send me an email.

The resources below are great for parents and teachers alike - inspirational ideas to get everyone to be inspired by reading.

The National Library is a fantastic resource for helping our children become passionate about reading and the world it can open up for them.

Check out this link - CREATING READERS - and grab some ideas to help students leap into books.

READING RESOURCES - this page links to a fantastic range of easy-to-use ideas to help your child develop a love of reading.  Just click on the links.

8 Ways Parents Can Help Promote Reading At Home - another good resource that is easy to put into practice.

READING AT HOME - brochure produced by the National Library of New Zealand - written in many different languages to help promote reading in our wide range of communities - highly recommended for simple and effective ideas and resources.

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